Steel Bases
Each greenhouse model has a prefabricated galvanized steel base available as an optional accessory.
The base provides the firm foundation each kit requires, and may be set directly on firm, level soil.
The anchor stakes included with each base should be inserted in 'pockets' of concrete to secure the greenhouse to the ground.

The extra 5" of height provided by the base is an added bonus as well.

Standard Bases
Popular 4x6 $139.00 46B
Popular 8x6 $175.00 POP86B
Popular 10x6 $189.00 POP106B
Universal 8x6 $175.00 86B
Universal 10x8 $239.00 108B
Magnum 12x8 $269.00 128B
Magnum 14x8 $289.00 148B
Supreme 8x6 $175.00 POP86B
Hexagonal   $189.00 HXB

Highgrove Bases
Popular 8x6 $269.00 POP86BG
Supreme 8x6 $269.00 POP86BG
Magnum 12x8 $399.00 128BG
Hexagonal   $299.00 6 HXBG

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