Shadecloth, Downpipes and Fittings

Curtain Shading (Shadecloth)

• One size (8' 5" x 5' 6") fits all smaller Hall's greenhouses
• Provides 50% shade to prevent burning of tender plants
• Runs on wires; can be opened on cloudy days, pulled shut on sunny ones
• Not recommended for larger 8' wide models due to cross-bracing (these models should use shadecloth cut to fit and installed on the outside of the greenhouse)

$54.99 SH86  


• Each downpipe attaches to the gutter of the greenhouse to allow collecting
of rainwater, or for diverting excess water away from greenhouse
• Requires one set per side (2 sets per greenhouse)
• Specify Popular or Magnum/Universal model for proper fitting
(not available for Supreme, Hexagonal or Wall Garden models)

Popular Downpipe (1 set)
$ 22.99 DNPOP
Magnum/Universal (1 set) $ 22.99 DNP

Fitting Packs

Spring Clips
Used for attaching polycarbonate panels or glass panes to greenhouse frame. Extra clips are recommended if greenhouse is exposed to high winds.
Pkg. of 20. $7.99/pkg. SP20  

Can be easily attached almost anywhere inside the greenhouse. Useful for hanging lightweight baskets, attaching training wires, thermometers, etc. Will handle approx. 5 lbs. of weight.
Pkg. of 10.
$ 7.99/pkg . HBS10  

Cropped Head Bolts & Nuts  
Used for attaching accessories to greenhouse frame after greenhouse is already assembled
Pkg. of 10.
$ 7.99/pkg. CR10  

Glass Retaining Clips
Used for overlapping of glass panes
Pkg. of 20.
$ 7.99/pkg RT20  

Nuts & Bolts  
Extra aluminum nuts & bolts for assembling of greenhouse and accessories.
Pkg. of 10. $ 7.99/pkg. NB10  


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