Polycarbonate Greenhouses
Twinwall polycarbonate is the perfect material for greenhouse glazing.
The benefits, when compared with glass, include:

• Safety: Extremely breakage resistant (approx. 200 times that of glass)
• Insulation: Twinwall polycarbonate almost doubles the heat retention
• Clarity: Approx. 85% light transmission (vs. 90% for glass)
• Light diffusion: Helps prevent burning of tender plants
• Easy to work with: Light weight and virtually unbreakable

Each double-walled panel is 4mm thick and is pre-cut to exact size,
and comes with aluminum or plastic strips to attach at each cut end to prevent bugs, dirt and other foreign objects from getting in between the two layers. Panels come with an ultraviolet (UV) resistant coating, and are warranted for 10 years (5 years against hail damage)
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