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All about Us!
Glass Greenhouses
Nothing beats the traditional look of a glass greenhouse.
Ask any gardener from England, and you will find that almost 100% of the
greenhouses sold in England are glazed with glass.
• Highgrove Green Powder-Coated Greenhouses

• Magnum Double-Door Greenhouses

• Universal Single-Door Greenhouses

• Popular Greenhouses

• Hexagonal Greenhouses

• Supreme Curved-Eaves Greenhouse

• Wall Garden Balcony Greenhouse  
We use 1/8" double strength (DS) glass, which is twice as thick as standard glass. Each pane is held in place using spring clips, making installation and removal of panes quite simple.

Glass panes come pre-cut to exact size. Glass must be special ordered, and picked up at your nearest dealer. Drop shipment of glass panes is not available; if you do not live near a Halls dealer (see dealer listing) you can order the frame without the glass, and have a local glass shop cut the glass for you. Cutting lists are available for each model from the Greenhouse Connection.
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