Assembly Questions

Halls greenhouses are designed to be assembled by the 'do-it-yourselfer'. Supplied in kit form, all aluminum framing parts are precision cut and predrilled. All nuts, bolts and screws are included, along with well-illustrated instructions. Glass or polycarbonate panels are all precut as well. Only a few tools are required: Phillips screwdriver (a cordless driver is helpful), ratchet w/ 10mm socket, 10mm or adjustable wrench, pliers, hammer, gloves, stepladder.

It is not unusual to have questions as you assemble your greenhouse. Please feel free to call Doug Perkins at 800-474-1464 anytime during your assembly if you get stuck. Please call during office hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00-6:00 Pacific Time

Many dealers (not all) offer installation as a service for you. Please contact your nearest dealer if you would like to have them professionally install your greenhouse for you.

Each greenhouse must be placed on a sturdy base. The easiest way is to purchase the Halls steel base for your particular greenhouse model, which includes anchor pegs to set in concrete to prevent your greenhouse from moving in high winds.

If you opt to build your own base, the actual outside dimensions are as follows:

Supreme 8x6:
L 8' 4 - 3/16"
W 6' 3 - 3/4"
Popular 4x6:
L 4' 3 - 1/4"
W 6' 3 - 3/4"
Popular 8x6:
L 8' 4 - 3/16"
W 6' 3 - 3/4"
Popular 10x6:
L 10' 4 - 9/16"
W 6' 3 - 3/4
Universal 8x6:
L 8' 4 - 3/4"
W 6' 4 - 3/8"
Universal 10x8
L 10' 5 - 1/4"
W 8' 4 - 3/4"
Magnum 12x8:
L 12' 5 - 3/4"
W 8' 4 - 3/4"
Magnum 14x8
L 14' 6 - 1/4"
W 8' 4 - 3/4"

Your greenhouse frame will then sit perfectly on your base, with a slight overhang all around. You will need to drill at least one hole in each 2' section of the bottom sill all around, to attach the frame to your base with screws (2" long). Be sure to drill the holes toward the inside of the frame so the screwheads will not interfere with the glazing panels. We recommend using pressure treated 4x6 lumber (on edge) for your base.
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